The researchers co-founders of PhaseLab Instrument SAS and Plasmonictron Inc. have been working together for several years in the field of integrated sensors to combine their skills in nano-optics, biology and biomedical engineering. Part of this research is conducted in connection with research teams from French and Taiwanese universities (UTT and NTU), as well as NTU's hospital. Our two young companies, founded in 2018 and 2019 respectively, are using their complementary skills to design performant, compact and affordable innovative solutions.

Specialized in DNA based diagnostic tools and plasmonic sensing technologies, PlasmonicTron is based in Taipei. Working closely with groups at National Taiwan University, focused on diagnostic through Hybridization Chain Reaction, PlasmonicTron is a main collaborator of PhaseLab Instrument.

PlasmonicTron is now focusing on the development of diagnostic methods for new emerging viruses. Through a complete in-silico/in-vitro combination, PlasmonicTron develops tools to quickly provide a detection test fitting your needs. With the portable sensor solution from PhaseLab Instrument, the total solution for your screening/diagnostic application is here.