Surface Plasmon Resonnance (SPR) sensing is a reference technology in the domain of biomolecular detection. Thanks to our expertise in surface functionalization using aptamers technology, with our expertise in optical phase measurement, we're able to provide one of the most compact, portable and precise SPR sensing instrument for the rapid detection of molecules and viruses.

Our SPR sensing devices

SPR angle

Angle-resolved ellipsometric SPR sensor

This design includes a motorized angular stage for a precise tracking of the plasmon resonance absorption maxima, combined with a microfluidics circuit, a functionalized gold surface and an optical detection based on our proprietary ellipsometric modulation technology.

L-SPR compact ellipsometric sensor

By nano-structuration of the gold surface, a localized surface plasmon resonnance appears for a precise wavelength depending on the nano-structures size and shape. The nano-structured gold surface is functionalized to a specific target and the resonnance is tracked with an ellipsometric module to obtain a highly compact detector.


Examples of applications

Airport virus control

Portable SPR diagnosis equipment

Portable equipment for rapid virus detection (<30') at decentralised checkpoints (private medicine, pharmacists, civil and military hospitals, clinics, health establishments for medium and long term stays, airports, ...). A kit and protocol for simple and autonomous detection capacity (Covid-19 or other) responding to urgent local control needs for sensitive establishments: testing of medical staff, flight crew, elderly patients, etc.).

Examples of bio-molecular targets

  • Detection of coronavirus COVID-19 based on isothermal amplification
  • In-situ KRAS detection
  • Liquid biopsy/cancer metastasis protein
  • Liquid biopsy/exosome detection

Proprietary technology protected by 3 patents

Covid-19 detection

Working principles of our SPR technology

SPR principle

SPR detection principles

Thanks to a micro-fluidics circuitry circulating the liquid to the ship, the targets are put in contact with the detection ship constituted of a functionnalized thin gold layer. The optical device is fine-tuned such that the angle and wavelength of the impinging light excites the plasmon resonnance of the gold layer. This resonance being very sensitive to any change of its surrounding medium, adsorption of a few targets by the functionnalized surface is enough to detune the resonnance and induce a measurable change in the optical signal.

Overview of chain detection principles

L-SPR detection principle
Functionalization principle

Biochemical functionalization principles

Our SPR sensing technology offers bare gold or functionalized surface upon your demand. At PhaseLab Instrument, we focus on aptamer probe based sensing technologies. Via either commercially available cross linker (e.g, EDC/NHS) or stable thiol-gold interaction, our sensor chip can be functionalized toward your target molecule. Tailored aptamer probe or delicate detection mechanism are also availible upon request. Using SPR aptamer evolution methodology, we develop aptamer probes with amenable sensing mechanism. Sensing has never been made easier.