Why SPR in Education?

SPR applications

A benchmark technology in biochemical analysis

For all future professionals in the fields of biochemistry, biology or medicine, SPR is a reference technology for biochemical analysis.
Compared with other analytical techniques, such as ELISA, SPR enables real-time analysis, requires no labeling, and can be used to measure low concentrations, binding kinetics and molecular specificity, for a wide array of molecules, DNA or micro-organisms.

Concepts & reasoning

Handling an SPR measuring device is an opportunity to tackle many concepts in the fields of: physics, biochemistry and mathematics, while varying the difficulty according to need.
Example of associated concepts: fit of a measured curve with a theoretical model, biomolecular interactions, antibodies, adsorptions. Optical concepts: polarization wavelengths, resonance. And many other possibilities.

science concepts
SPR research

Mixed use for teaching and research

Thanks to its performance, the SPR in a teaching room will attract doctoral students and researchers who may occasionally need such a device for their research.

IPSO LAB©: the good choice for teaching SPR

Convenient SPR teaching

Easy & Convenient

With easy-to-handle chips, intuitive software and a compact footprint, the ipsoLAB is an easy and convenient device.


With an interchangeable micro-fluidic module and several pump and chip options, the ipsoLAB is a modular instrument.

Custom SPR cell
ipso LAB


With several patented technologies that concentrate the SPR core, the ipsoLAB is one of the most affordable yet highly accurate instrument on the market.

Our SPR offer for education

SPR teaching guide

Getting Started With SPR

A 69p guide, with various lab experiments

SPR 2-channels

IPSO LAB© 2-Channels

A high precision phase sensitive SPR device


Consumables kit

Essential consumables for SPR experiments


8 reusable SPR chips

Set of raw and functionalized chips for immediate use

SPR usage is expected to double in the next 10 years

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