Compact & portable

  • Handheld device
  • On-site measurements capability
  • Ideal for laboratory, classroom or industrial uses

Fast & easy to use

  • Simultaneous measurement at two angles
  • Precise measurement in a few seconds
  • No dispersion model needed
  • Fast calibration

A tool fitted to your needs!


Accessible & adaptable

  • No mechanical adjustments, even for big or thick samples
  • Mastering it is a question of minutes
  • Customizable on request (wavelength, board material...)

IPSO 200©:

an innovative design...

Two angles ellipsometer
Two angles, single-wavelength

With a two angles simultaneous measurements design, the IPSO 200© optimizes the analysis of the opto-geometrical properties of the sample, without the need of any material's dispersion modeling.

Two angles ellipsometer

Patented modulation technology

Our proprietary modulation technology is based on the use of a specific integrated phase modulator. An on-board 32-bits microcontroller optimizes the modulation and the signal analysis.

32-bits microcontroller

32-bits microcontroller

Complete & easy to use software

With a focus on providing a great user experience and efficiency of use, the IPSO 200© software presents complete capabilities, with the possibility of analysis of thin layers stacks with up to 8 consecutive layers of arbitrary material.

Intuitive software

Reliable, versatile & adaptable...

Ipso portable

With the size of a reflex camera and weighting less than 1 kg...
You can bring your ellipsometer wherever you want!


On-site measurements

Thanks to a design where the thickness of the sample doesn't require any adjustment of the device, combined with its portabilty:
It is very easy to make measurements in non-laboratory situations...

Versatile instrument

On site measurement

Ipso customizable

According to the needs of our customers, specific adjustments can be proposed such as non-scratching Teflon board to protect fragile samples. Red or near-infrared stabilized laser sources are available on request.

Fitted to customer's needs

...for a wide variety of applications


Semi-conductor industry, glass industry or metallurgy all need to know the precise thickness of thin layers for process feed-back, reflective layer design or oxidation layer control.

Production line ready


IPSO 200© is yet another step in making more accessible nanotechnology manufacturing solutions, where ellipsometry is an essential technique for the characterization of thin films deposition...

Biotech & nano-tech


Ipso universities

Ellipsometry is a key tool to master for any future professional in the field of nano-technologies or material science. It also gives access to the educational study of phenomena such as thin-film chemistry, sensors, etc.


Technical specifications
Dimensions160 x 75 x 72 mm
Weight0.95 kg
Temperature of operation5 - 35°C
Wavelength670 nm (760 or 850 nm available on request)
Angles of incidence55° and 70° simultaneously
Laser classClass 2 (Class 1 available on request)
Laser output power650 μW at 55°, 400 μW at 70°
Input voltage5 V (USB)
Consumption150 mW
Measurement precision± 1 nm
Typical measurement time2 - 5 s
Sample holder materialAluminium (Teflon, PMMA or POM available on request)